When the time comes for you to decide whether or not to sell a cherished piece of jewelry, or one that may no longer have sentimental value, we at Fabrikant remain uniquely qualified to offer you a price which will be reflective of today’s market. We remain a business which operates in the best interest of you, our client. The price offered will be fair, and payment immediate.


Contrary to what may be read elsewhere, it is not common for your diamond to decrease in value over time. While the 4C’s have become the common barometer in helping a layperson determine the value of their diamond, it is far from the end of the process. Market conditions, both domestically and overseas, may help determine your diamond’s true value and therefore is an integral part of the process. The 4C’s in combination with the various market conditions, provenance and demand, are all taken into account when determining the actual value.


We understand, at times, the process of selling a piece of jewelry may not be as comfortable and seamless as one may wish. Rest assured, your privacy will be respected at all times.


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