Our Vision

Welcome to Fabrikant, where the worlds finest gems and jewelry are at your fingertips.

The principals of Fabrikant have spent their entire professional careers scouring the globe, buying and selling some of the world’s most precious diamonds. Having been suppliers to top tier retailers and wholesalers alike, the principals of Fabrikant have determined that their true value lies in the sharing of their expertise with the public. Recognizing that there is more to a diamond purchase than just reading a gemological report, Fabrikant remains uniquely qualified to explain, validate, guide and assure that your decision to purchase a luxury piece of jewelry is the correct one. Much of what we offer is completely customized to each individual’s desire, and our manufacturing is second to none.

The breadth of our private clientele remains a testament to the value Fabrikant brings to each and every individual who walks through our doors. Experts are available in New York, Palm Beach and Westport CT. If you are unable to see us in one of our offices, other arrangements are easily made.

Our History

Fabrikant, since 1895, has enjoyed a long and storied history as a world leader in fine gems and jewelry. Formerly the world’s leading diamond wholesaler with its headquarters in New York and office locations throughout the United States, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Antwerp; Fabrikant consistently recorded sales in excess of one billion dollars per annum. Today, our doors open to the company’s fifth generation of excellence. We continue to innovate and break new ground while offering an unparalleled purchasing experience. At one time, synonymous with the wholesale diamond trade, Fabrikant today caters to private clientele throughout the world. Boasting a new look and a new client focused objective, one befitting of a name which has truly withstood the test of time, Fabrikant is poised to continue to enhance its reputation for excellence for generations to come.